12 Oct 2015

#113 Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Express yourself, though it seems tough
Words describe you the way you go.

Expressions create an aura of happiness
And shoot up your level of confidence.

Let your ideas and thoughts to float
On the surface like the flower lotus.                          

Free your mind and light up your mood,
Keeping aside your worries, why you should.

Life is too short to brood over the past
Too much thinking destroys everything at last.

Live your life fully to love your work
So, cheer up and get away from dark.

Sweta Sarangi


  1. Well composed!! Yeah, expressions are one of the powerful instruments that a human being possesses and when underlying emotions or ideas are true and pure, then it produce miraculous consequences , which is often reciprocated uniquely... So some of the influential ideas or thoughts , having the power of transformation, should be made to percolate deep into the surface of the societal stigma rather than floating over the surface.. Of course that requires daring initiations.. :)

    1. I try to express myself through poetry and my thoughts get reflected in it. Thanks for your expression......:)

  2. yessssss always ... I believe that SAY IT.. what you have in ur heart say it out ..