12 Aug 2015

#112 A trodden path

A trodden path

An anonymous quest
On an obscure track

Becomes a trodden path
With the silent ambiance
Of nature’s witness
Like a morning walk
The space-time’s trap
All substances in it wrapped
Which makes me wonder
Whether it is the result
Of imaginations of my past
Or the reflections of
Some of my mind’s fact
I’m now enrapt
When things seem magical
And those jumbled pieces
Of the big puzzle
Still lay intact
The correct vision required
To look beyond
That obscure track
Which is now a trodden path.

Swati Sarangi


  1. Hey Swati!
    You have a very beautiful blog out hear. I loved the name that top pic, it's going well together. I didn't got much time to read all of your work however, the poems are beautiful. And Creative Constellation is in my read and follow list from now on :)
    P.S. I have a doubt... Is Swati and Sweta are friends Or sis :) ??

    1. Thanks Nimmi for visiting my blog and reading this post. And let me clarify your doubt. We are sisters...and we have started writing in this blog two years back.....:)

    2. Hi Nimmi,
      Welcome to the world of creative constellation. Glad to know that you like to read our writings. Thanks for following our blog. Have a nice day! :)