21 Jun 2015

#109 Eloquence of equipments

 Eloquence of equipments

A route so distinct
And surrounding calm
Leading me to
A Utopian realm
Traverse along I,
Unaware of the
Awaiting things.
Flashes before my eyes
The entrance gate
With the rails of
Cow grazers
Frictioning my cycle’s tyres
Then my cycle halts
With the effect of brake
My sub consciousness
Directs me to a lab
A hard push for
The cocoa-colored door
Opening a small entrance
I’m now exposed to
The world of electronics
The Power Management lab
With two chambers
Stickered with 101A and 101B
A seat for myself
With a pale colored wall in front
I gaze there for long
Against a background
Of tiny inanimate creatures
Switches,PCBs, bread boards,
Colored wires,ICs,resistors,
Caps,sources,scopes with probes
Those colored wounded wires
Wrapped over different cores
For transformer and inductors
A lot more stuffs
Of different colors, so unique
And so dear
It seems as if
All those are speaking
With their voices
So unheard and low
For several days
I befriended those
Intentionally or unintentionally
I don’t know
That PCB turned
Apple of my eye
With the call of time
I can do nothing
Except sigh at the
Wonderful journey
Of knowledge
That discontinues…
For some time,
With a hope that
Someday, those friends
Of mine would
Speak about their
Untold tales to me.

-Swati Sarangi


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