21 Jun 2015

#110 Celebrating Yoga day daily

Celebrating Yoga Day daily

Yoga has been derived from a Sanskrit word, “Yug” which means to unite or to join. Yoga is a series of exercises that is performed to gain control over the subconscious mind and soul. Sometimes we are in search of the mental peace and it is achieved through Yoga. Yoga is a great way to stay healthy physically and mentally. In this era, we are so busy in our daily schedule that we hardly find any time for practicing exercises.June 21 is celebrated as International Yoga day.  But why do we wait for this day?? Why not observe Yoga day daily??

Different forms of yoga are mentioned here-
·         Gyan Yoga (Philosophy)
·         Karma Yoga(Path of action)
·         Raja Yoga(For controlling mind)
·         Bhakti yoga (Devotional bliss)

Now, a question hits up, what are the benefits of practicing Yoga?? In the following paragraph, I have listed few advantages-

1.      Improves flexibility of body
Various Asanas help in improving flexibility of body . By practicing daily, it becomes quite easy to perform all the tasks easily without anybody pain or fatigue.

2.      Increases heart rate
It helps in increasing the heart rate, thus lowering risk of heart attacks and other heart related problems. It has also been found by the researchers that Yoga can relieve depression. It also increases the rate of inhaling oxygen in our body.

3.      Lowers down blood sugar
It is advisable for the high blood sugar patient to practice yoga daily. It controls the sugar level of the body to a greater extent.

4.      Increases concentration power
It increases the focus, reaction time and coordination power. People practicing Yoga can boost up their memory power.

5.      Relaxes body
It is a great way to relax your body as well as mind. It provides eternal peace.

6.      Increases self-esteem
Negativities can be avoided by practicing asanas. We can be able to discover ourselves and by this way self-esteem can be improved.

7.      Helps to sleep deeper
The effect of Yoga is better sleep. It relaxes the body, so one can experience sound and healthy sleep.
8.      Improves immune system
It prevents our body from getting attacked by different microorganisms by developing a strong immune system.

9.      Makes you slimmer
Different exercises not only help in increasing the flexibility of body but also burn calories. So, one looks more confident and attractive.

10.  Builds muscle strength
Strong muscles protect body from falling into different health related issues like Arthrarites or back pain etc.

Here is a list of Pranayam which can be practice to gain control over breathing process.
·         ANULOM-VILOM
Step 1: Sit silently and in a comfortable position.
Step 2: Use right thumb to close the right nostril.
Step 3: Inhale from left nostril.
Step 4: Now, close left nostril from the index figure.
Step 5: Exhale from right nostril.
Step 6: Reverse the process and keep on doing this for sometimes.

·         UJJAYI
Step 1: Sit in a meditative pose silently.
Step 2: Keep muscles in a relaxed position.
Step 3: Keep back straight.
Step 4: Inhale slowly and deeply from both the nostrils.
Step 5: Hold your breath as long as possible.
Step 6: Continue for 10-15 minutes.

·         BHRAMARI
Step 1: Sit in a meditative pose silently.
Step 2: Keep muscle in a relaxed state and close your eyes.
Step 3: Close both the ears with index fingers.
Step 4: Inhale slowly and raise your elbows to the level of shoulders.
Step 5: Exhale slowly and make a buzzing sound like bee.

I practice these Pranayams and these help in improving breathing power. These also drive away stress and depression and relax mind. These improve confidence level. To get best results, I would recommend you to practice either in early morning or at night.


Sweta Sarangi


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