6 Jun 2015

#107 Questions to be asked

Questions to be asked
Dear God,

From childhood I have been hearing a lot about you as a powerful being who is a creator of this universe.  Till now, I have not met you but worship your incarnations in form of idols. I’m not in doubt of your existence because you are omnipresent although you are invisible. You are needed the same way oxygen is required for breathing. You have got uncountable forms throughout the world. People worship because they feel that there is something incredible residing in you. That’s nothing but their faith and belief. I do believe the same. Miracles do happen and it’s because of your enormous power when you try to protect your devotes from evils. I have got many questions stuck in my mind that need to be answered by you.

1)     There is a famous proverb saying “as you sow, so shall you reap”. Is it always justified?? I have encountered many such instances which disobey this principle. Karma is all about one’s action and the consequences one face thereafter.

2)     Why do innocent people get punished?? This world suffers because of the silence of innocence people but cruel people are always spared and they keep on doing crimes. Why is it so??

3)     Is not there any provision to eradicate poverty from world?? The world will be a synonym of heaven if there is no difference among the people in terms of economy. Everyone will be well equipped.

4)     I believe hard work and dedication over luck. People living in this era adopt many wrongful means to get their work done. This can be exemplified by a corrupt individual. They can go to any extent to get their things done. Is it always hard work that pays off in the end or any other factor is responsible for becoming successful??

5)     Why is there increase in crimes against women?? Aren’t they come under your devotee?? You are regarded as savior but why is their voices go unheard??
I am not sure whether these questions are valid or not but these questions hover all around me.  I am in search of the answers. So, please show me a way to feed my mind with relevant answers.

Your devotee,

This post is written for Indispire 68 for Indiblogger: Do you have questions for God? #QuestionforGod


  1. There are so many questions to which we may not find the answers. Since the external environment is not under our control, the only thing we can do is to ensure we are on the right track ( whatever it is for each of us ). :-)

    1. Questions arise out of our curiosity and those are infinite. Thanks for reading my article...
      Welcome to my blog!!

  2. Well written,many questions from my mind are subset of your set of questions. It will be ceratainly heard.Wishes.

  3. Thanks for the follow on Indiblogger. Hmm.. so, you basically want to ask God why the world isn't perfect? Didn't he answer all that in Bhagwadgeeta? :)