4 Jun 2015

#106 Now no more two minutes waali Maggi

Now no more two minutes waali Maggi

Maggi noodles, one of the food products of nestle has been an indispensable part of food items from many years in India. It is popular among all age groups because of its ease in preparation. It’s quite fast to cook and tasty to eat. Being a Maggiholic, it is quite disturbing for me to get the news that Maggi has been banned in many states of the country. There were many instances when maggi became a survival food for me especially during late night studies in my college days. Whether I am happy or sad, Maggi is always a delight for my taste buds.I find that there is no substitute to Maggi noodles and it tastes best when served hot and soupy. Government has decided to ban this Maggi noodles which accounts for about 70% share in market. So, it’s going to be a great loss to Nestle. This instant meal has vanished from most of the restaurants, hotels and kitchens of people.

From last many days, television channels are flooded with the news of abandon of Maggi by many stores in the country because of the presence of additives which can cause many health problems. Mostly companies add food additives and preservative to food items to improve the quality, flavor and enhance nutritional content and storage time. There are various food additives being identified such as chelating agents, sweeteners, emulsifiers, binding agents, leavening agents, anti caking etc.  But sometimes the percentage of food additives rises exceptionally high than the desired level which lays an adverse impact on health of consumers.

What has prompted the government to take such a step?? The samples of Maggi were sent to laboratories of states to determine the amount of additives present. Government has come to a conclusion because of the following defects found in ingredients present in Maggi---
·        --A CSE study has found that Maggi contains a very high amount of salt.
·       -- Food additives present in Maggi can induce intestinal inflammation.
·     -- These additives alter gut microbiota composition that promotes development of inflammatory bowel disease.
·    -- Presence of lead in some samples of Maggi has been determined and which would lead to contamination and other health problems.

Till now, state government of various states like Delhi, Odisha, UP, Uttarakhand, West Bengal and Gujarat have opposed the sale of Maggi in their respective states fearing the effects of it on consumers. It’s not only the case of Maggi, but there are innumerous packaged food items where the percentage of chemicals added to it is more than the permissible limit. So, it’s not always possible to ban the food products rather the government should enable certain policies to check and monitor the use of food additives are within the desirable range at a regular basis to ensure the safety of consumers.
Even if Maggi is wiped out from most of the stores but the taste and memories it had provided in past could not be wiped out. I just hope that may Maggi come to market again for sale with some new ingredients and no more chemicals.


Sweta Sarangi


  1. Yes, Maggi was a life saver. It feels bad to use past tense for it. But we should... RIP Maggi...