17 May 2015

#104 A meet

A meet
Theme: I visualize my meet with my friends in future, our conversation will be completely based on our college days, it is depicted in this poem.

As you walk by my side,
I pause for a while
I try to flicker your hands,
You look around, shake my hands.

You smile at my mischief,
And enquire what I’ve achieved
I grin at your question,
Revert back this, like a machine.

We discuss those unforgettable memories,
Associated with never ending worries
Those leg pulling and Nicknames,
Are still stuck in our brains.

Those Hall-1 classes, snacks of canteen,
Did not alter any of our routines
Still memoirs provide happiness,
Now, I want those to be traced.

Anweshan, Filmfare and sports meet,
Fun and enjoyment at its peak
Organizing welcome for first years,
Then celebration in the end, with cheers.

Our hostel- The ultimate destination,
Pulls us from home with enthusiasm
Serene nature from window’s pane,
Dissolves all worries and pain.

I say all these in one go,
You listen and ask me to be slow
You nod your head in affirmative,
Sit silently and become passive.

You also miss those days,
But don’t want to express
Then you narrate your stories,
All your secrets, now history.

It’s time for us to depart,
To wipe the incidences of past
We wish to gossip longer,
But time doesn’t permit anymore.

“You never feel alone,
For you, I will sing a song
Friend, you have left an impact,
That’s why, close to my heart.”

With these words, I stop,
Visualise this time to cross
An unpredicted meet with you, friend
Is what, now I reveal in the end.

P.S: I wrote this poem a couple of days ago but I could not publish it....
This is for all my friends with whom I spend my college days... 



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