8 Apr 2015

#97 A winning moment

A winning moment
My poem in spot poetry competition of Anweshan 2015
Duration- 1 hr
The picture was shown in a slide....

Passion to win- a desire,
With energy so high what I aspire
Roads are not straight but curvy,
How can life be so easy??

When I try to reflect back,
Memories are enclosed in a sack
The hardships and endless worries,
Have paid off in the end with glories.

I smile over those incidences,
Which made me cry harder then
Endless drops of tears of happiness,
Roll down from my eyes to face.

I toiled very hard before,
Without caring for world anymore
Practicing in the field-day and night,
Made myself confident and bright.

The day when match began,
We crossed our fingers and hands
Prayed god to support us throughout,
Lest we should not get all out.

For us, it was a final match,
We won toss and chose to bat
Crowds cheered our names aloud,
That made us feel very proud.

Our ultimate aim- to win,
For our motherland and kin
To let our national flag fly high,
Among all other nations, in the sky.

Target was set to 320 runs,
Because of our Batsmen in right form
It was quite satisfactory,
Hoped that they wouldn’t chase easily.

Now, it was a turn of our bowlers,
To swing and accordingly bowl
Initially they didn’t perform well,
We all got very tensed and failed.

With arrival of an experienced bowler,
Bowled three batsmen in a row
That developed confidence in us,
To win our match in another blow.

Finally we succeeded in winning,
Faces of our fans were shining
It was a winning moment,

We celebrated this success in the end.
Sweta Sarangi



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  2. A beautiful poem and a delight to read.

    1. It's so nice to hear this.. :) Thank you!! :)