19 Apr 2015

#99 Valedictory Note

 Valedictory Note
A poem dedicated to my soon-turning-out-to-be Alma Mater, Indira Gandhi Institute Of Technology, Sarang.
Source: Google Images
 Standing at the end of a phase
And counting all previous traces
To optimize future perspectives
With the experience of the past to be retrieved

Click by me from the terrace

Never knew about God’s plan
To let me discover my own realm
Of words blended with imagination
Reflecting my heart’s elation.

Natural swimming pool

Entry was a complete shock
Far different from what I had ever thought of
Consistent struggle with all hurdles
Became part of this harsh battle.

Sunset View of Divine Brahamani River
With the passage of time
That was what I could find
Hostel’s life- the best
To leave out all the rest.
Route to Brahmani River

There were days of high and lows
Urged me to look below
To read between the lines of
Those never ending chapters.

Greenary across the border of the hostel
The bunch of all happiness and sorrows
In form of smiles and tears
Helped me to conquer all fears
And made my each day special.
Lord Shiva's temple

Indebted I’m to all teachers
For their unconditional love, care and support
For kindling a lost hope in myself
By offering all helps that I needed

My serene and calm companion of terrace
Difficult to wash away those memories
Which are quite large in numbers
Of gossips, fun and laughter
And precious moments spent with one another.

Route to Brahmani river

This day of graduation I waited for
With a load of hopes carried before
A heartfelt gratitude to my Alma Mater
For completely renovating my sphere

View of Brahmani on a cloudy day

I feel I’m now more determined
And strong enough to move against the wind
Adversities and challenges have taught me
Never to run away from the battle field
Eiffeil Tower of Sarang

With these lines, I bid an adieu
May you all become very very successful
With flying colors in days to come
For an eternal transformation.

Cultivated land near hostel's border

P.S: All the pictures have been clicked by me over the terrace..  Each picture is associated with thousand memories of past.. 

Swati Sarangi



  1. lovely note :-)
    Cheers, Archana - www.drishti.co

    1. Hi, Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by.. :)

  2. At the end of the tunnel there are rays
    Not all days are rainy days
    Still we should have the patience to say
    Only a few steps are left to reach the key
    Remember you are not alone under the sky
    See around you and smile to say
    I can raise my hand to touch that sky

    1. Very meaningful poem & very nicely worded. God may bless you.