18 Apr 2015

#98 Few days of 'Togetherness'

Few days of ‘Togetherness’

I am about to complete my graduation and simultaneously end the journey of college days. Soon I will step into a professional world. This journey began almost four years back when we stepped into the hostel.  Unaware of the situations, we were thrilled, energetic and passionate to achieve something big. The first hurdle that we faced was adapting ourselves to the prevalent condition. As most of us were the first-timers residing in hostel, we didn’t know the rules and regulations to be followed and adjust accordingly.  

Finally a moment arrived when all of us had to bid an adieu to our parents standing at the entrance of our hostel. Some looked tensed, some sad and very few in normal state of being. I controlled my tears from falling down with a hope that I would bring smiles to the faces of my parents in future.  Though we did not want to depart from our homes, yet it was a necessary task to be performed against our will. The ultimate aim was to become a graduate with a good score at hand in the end of final year. This added fuel to our purpose of stay in those four years. This was the only thing that reminded us to work hard despite brooding over the past.

As we were very hungry, we moved to mess. The first thing that we observed in mess was staring each other’s face. Brand new faces with curious eyes and cutest smiles drew some of us to interact with each other. By this way, we got to know about each other and this helped in fostering a bond of friendship which stayed undisturbed for consecutive years.

There were numerous incidences that united us as a batch and developed a strong relationship. We would never forget organizing functions for juniors and being involved as organizers was an icing on cake. In water and electricity crisis, we stood together and fought for the cause. We were also successful in making wi-fi available in our hostel. Those unfamiliar faces among us turned out to be popular and lead us to many ways.  The most interesting part of any hostel curriculum is birthday celebration. We were the Wikipedia in remembering birth dates of our friends so that we would wish them as early as possible, I mean wishing them at sharp 12 O clock was no less than an achievement. Then arrived a series of Indian festivals. Holi, Diwali, Saraswati Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Utkal Diwas and lots more would add glory to our celebration. In the evening, latest songs of Bollywood played on loudspeaker would force us to come out of rooms and tap our feet together on the beats. Organizing functions at institute level was just fun at its peak. Horizon, Anweshan, Annual Function, Film Fest, Fun Fair, Sports Meet, Teachers Day, Grand Welcome and Branch welcome were enough to bring us together to make something different.

Time has got wings and it shows that exactly after one month, we will be separated and placed in our destined location. The thing that will remain unaltered is the warmth and compassion that we received from each other in these four years. We came to this hostel with our parents but going out from this place with lots of experiences and good memories. All the good days would be cherished forever. Bad days have taught us great lessons to be noted down in our memory. We developed patience, resistance and endurance while coping up with hardships. Now, we can think ourselves as much stronger and matured than our past. We learnt not only to depend on ourselves but also to take care of the needs of the people in our surrounding. To expect least from the surrounding and to work for the betterment of the society is an important aspect of being happy. Whether we have won or failed, doesn’t matter but what matters is the values that got induced within ourselves in the entire journey.

The feeling of being ‘togetherness’ has evoked ourselves to think the brighter side of everything patiently and work assertively to achieve something purposefully. As the days are approaching towards the end, we are ready to open a new chapter of our next phase of life. ‘Being together’ made us realize that if efforts are put in a systematic way, result will definitely come in favour.  And by this way we can multiply our happiness and divide our sorrows.
So, I am just enjoying few days of ‘togetherness’ at hostel.  



  1. Thanks a lot, Sir for going through my post !!

  2. The nostalgia is still alive when we dropped you at your hostel. It was the same pain when you left the house to join to your school. It is not so easy for any parents to send off their kids from their home. But all will be forgotten when you come back with cheerful face. God may bless you both. Nice story filled with memory.

    1. All I can say that I sustained because of your love and support. Yes, it was difficult for me initially. But later I realised that conditions are created to strengthen our abilities.
      Thanks a lot !!