2 Apr 2015

#96 Analysis


Introspecting into myself
At the hour of dawn
To delve deeper into the
Existence of my own

As I find that
Life is long
And so is the list
Of tasks to be performed

Life is unique
Given to everyone as a gift
Which requires not to be
Wasted in mundane activities.

After the moments of rise
Came the moments of fall
Amidst all turbulences
To make me stand tall.

Several uncountable trials
One after the other
To estimate the level of
Agility, patience and vigour.

Everything has a purpose
Which may appear with a gust of a wind
To test the maturity of mind
To transform into unique kind. 

How grateful I’m
To be alive
To experience
Each moment of this life.

Blessed I’m certainly
To be under God’s grace
As each thing has been put

Perfectly in its own place.

Swati Sarangi