24 Apr 2015

#101 A Farewell Note

A Farewell Note
Theme- This poem is all about my journey of four years in the Department of Chemical Engineering, IGIT Sarang. Many memories are still alive. Good memories will be cherished forever and bad memories will remind me of my faults. It seems as if the time has passed quite quickly. I feel privileged to be a part of this institute and 30th batch of Chemical Engineering.
So, I dedicate this poem to all the members of family of Chemical Engineering, IGIT Sarang.

I joined this institute in first year,
My eyes were filled with tears
Reverse were the conditions,
But to move back wasn’t an option.

Didn’t know about Chemical Engg. before,
With a hope that I would enjoy it more
Perplexed was I, in the beginning,
To achieve something big was a dream.

FM and MO got introduced in 2nd year,
Were taught very nicely here
CPT provided us flow sheets of plants,
In CPC- material and energy balance.

Interesting were the subjects- PDC & CET,
The more you learn, if you read carefully
Were the words uttered by our teachers,
Pushed us to cross all barriers.

MT and HT gave us some view,
Of engineering world with some clue
Extractors, evaporators and distillation columns,
Started to form my realm.

Came the turn of CRE,
We trembled much initially
The only way to develop an interest,
To solve many problems without any rest.

PRE, MST, PID, & FBE couldn’t be ignored,
Within them some new things to explore
In the verge of completing our course,
These have become our companions forever.

There’s no age limit to learn,
This is what should be our passion
Thanks to all for lending your support,
Without which I couldn’t move at all.

Doesn’t matter whether we win or fail,
Plans of destiny can’t be delayed
Wake up, move but never stop,
We’ll reach definitely, at any cost.

Sweta Sarangi


  1. The Way in which all chemical Engineering Subject(special the CRE One ) are explained is so appreciating,Thanks