24 Apr 2015

#100 My voyage to blogging

My voyage to blogging
I dedicate this poem to the 100th post of my blog. I am privileged to write this post. My blog started with random scribbling about two years back. Later it turned an integral part of my life. I just wish this journey to never end.

My voyage- began two years back,
Held my pen, let thoughts to work
Immersed myself in realm of words,
Got landed into a diverse world.

Difficult part was narrating a story,
I felt like molding clay in pottery
Imagined a plot that suited the most,
And elaborated that at any cost.

Characters should justify the scene,
To lay an impact based on theme
Holding the readers till its end,
A powerful message to comprehend.

Rhythmic collaboration of words-A poem,
Initially like growing seeds on barren
Selection of words, always a challenge,
To browse within my vocabulary’s range.

To write essays, reviews and articles,
Necessary to overstress on title
Systematic presentation of points,      
A good notation in the end.

My blog endows me a way,
To maintain my words in array
An arena of day-to-day life,
Helpful in providing me relief.

Like a friend it supports me,
When I pen down my worries
Experiences never let me alone,
To write down in another tone.

I wish this journey to persist
In whichever world I live,
A unique source of recreation
Will continue to be my passion.


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