14 Mar 2015

#92 A beginning

A beginning
Theme: A poem about my first association with poetry.

I had never realized that
The world of words
Could be so vast
I began with an experiment
With an enthusiastic torrent

With a constrained set of vocabulary,
A pristine form of summary,
Words picked up from here and there
To perform an act of surgery
To connect words with imageries

Searching is always fun
What you can get from it
Is never certain
Formless or with form
It’s arrival-not known.

After a job of
Consistent arrangement done
Contendent I was with
The task I performed
To continue it for a longer term

Recalling my father’s
Words of encouragement
“You keep writing.
There’s something in it,
One day you’ll find.”

Soon it turned out to
Be my favourite companion
Amusing me when I’m alone
With a wish – May this association
Never be forgotten.

By Swati Sarangi

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