30 Jan 2015

#89 Pendulum


Like the motion of a pendulum, many things in life are periodic. That’s why life is often regarded as a cycle. According to the beliefs of Hindu mythology, a soul is immortal and indivisible as it has to pass through numerous cycles of birth and death.
This post does not intend to throw light upon the spiritual aspect of life and death, rather connect to some moments of present and past. For a student, the exams are like pendulums because of their frequency of arrival. We give tests as toddlers and this series of tests does not end even after graduation. Then we have to appear in number of job exams and so on. After getting a job, several tests are conducted to test the performance level of employees. As a student, I don’t remember the number of tests I’ve appeared in so far but each test has its own importance. Every poor mark obtained taught me to put in labour (as a poor mark sheet reflects sincerity, source: written at the back of one of my examination boards) and every good grade gave the indication that no hard work ever goes in vain.

Exams have always been the medium of testing one’s cognitive abilities and skills. One has to pass a lot of tests at different phases of his life. The type of tests varies from written to oral. Life is itself a test. Situations of life put us into different testing conditions.

As history repeats itself, another important rather decisive juncture of my life has again arrived. I could relate it to the time of 12th standard when I was trying for different competitive examinations and this time is no different from that one. I’m now in my final semester of Engineering and trying for different competitive exams to have a better perspective in future and life. When I reflect back and introspect, I find how time and situation have transformed me. The pressure of examination is thousand times more than the past but its effect is not suppressing because of the mental strength it has rendered me. Now, I can shoo away the stress created due to the exam, that’s because of the realization that everything is transient.


Swati Sarangi

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