31 Dec 2014

#87 Let there be

Let there be

Let there be a world of peace
Each heart be filled with
Kindness, benevolence and mercy
Let the brotherhood spread
On the cutting edge of humanity
Across the prevalent geographical borders.

Let not the innocence be snatched
Or buried under the unlawful acts
Of rapes, marriage , carnage or slaughter
Let not the tiny hands be found
Away from the shelter of puerile creations
Cleaning the dishes and leftovers

Let there be a world of security
For every man and woman
Let a world of freedom to flourish
And The era of rapes ,ruthless murder,
Atrocities of acid attackers, robbers
And all illegality be vanquished.

Let there be a world of bliss
A place of secularism and sanctity
Let the rays penetrate
Through every crevice of the roadblock
Let’s all pledge on this new year’s day
To make this World a better place …..

Swati Sarangi


  1. Secularism, Justice for all, equality seems a distant utopian dream... the fact of the matter is somebody has to live a life of deficit for somebody else's ampleness..... and between this deficit and surplus the natura hangs a fine balance.... We as human beings can' help it..... just we can try to keep the difference as little as possible.....

    1. Yes, truly remarked..Thanks for stopping by..:)