14 Dec 2014

#82 Anonymous_A short story

A Short Story

Winter symbolizes dormancy and dullness. With the arrival of winter, everything seems to have gone into a state of hibernation. Similarly, winter has already entered into the life of Ravi. It has coiled him so hard that he finds it almost impossible to drag himself out of it, despite of his successive attempts. He feels chocked and wants to be in peace forever.

Wearing a black leathered jacket, a denim jeans and a woodland shoe, walks subconsciously Ravi in a state of confusion on the road. It’s only 5’O clock in the evening but it seems to be as late night. That’s because it is a chilly winter evening. There is an eerie silence all around. This silence seems to be killing. Only a few vehicles can be found running on this road and the sound of their horns pierces this prevalent silence. This road, on which he is treading, seems to be deserted. Trees on the road sides are standing still without any movement of leaves. Moon is nowhere to be found on the tar coloured dark sky.

With each step Ravi takes, he thinks about his past, and connects himself to all such memories which are not at all pleasant. He has encountered many ups and downs in his life but this time the level of trauma is gigantically high. Thoughts of his past are haunting him very badly and future is simply unpredictable. It’s just beyond the control of him. He is hopeless and a circle of despair has trapped him. He is not able to search for any alternatives. His own words are resonating in his mind which is in contrast to the silence of the outer world and thus accelerating his heart beats. His brain is now packed up with so many unwanted thoughts, creating a great havoc.

This path leads to seashore and it is one of those spots where a person loves to spend his time with his near and dear ones. This place is the store house of all old past memories of him. It’s one of the favorite spots of him where he hangouts with his friends most of the time.
But for today, it seems to be of no more interest, rather this spot is associated with completion of a big mission of his life and it’s going to be a turning point for him and for all.

He reaches this sea shore, searches for a corner which is secluded. He doesn’t want to be disturbed and prefers to isolate himself from crowd present over there. He sits still on sand and observes those waves minutely, ascending and descending in a systematic manner. Sound of the waves is not striking his ears or he has lost the sensation of hearing temporarily. Nothing seems to interest him today. Those waves once used to fill him with new energy, positivity and passion for life. But he is incapable of drawing any energy from them. These are just meaningless for him, for this moment. He feels as if the lord of ocean wants to embrace him by whispering his name and it’s a better option to surrender him to this battle of life by being lost in the waves of sea forever and ever.  When all sorts of thoughts begin to clash with one another, it becomes very difficult to keep rapport. The case is similar for him as well. Being completely trapped in negativity, overcoming it, is almost impossible.

“Excuse me, do you know where is Amodh Palace?” Asks a girl very softly.
This question breaks the sequence of his thoughts and drags him to the real world. Very hesitatingly and in a meek voice he replies affirmatively.

He turns around to have a look at her; a girl dressed in a light pink gown appears before his eyes. Her face radiates divine glow, eyes are very serene and shining, her curls have fallen over right ear and her simplicity is admirable. Her face resembles some kind of familiarity.

“Hello, I am new to this city and I have just got to know that this palace is located somewhat near this shore. I asked you thinking that you might know. Would you mind helping me reach this place??” she introduces herself to this stranger in order to be helped.

“………Y……yes……, I can show……..” Ravi answers monotonically.

“I guess that you are in some trouble, as your face reflects. May I be any help to you, if you don’t mind sharing your problem with me?” Her voice is now friendlier than before.

There is a pindrop silence for next few minutes and the girl again initiates discussion, “I am Tanisha, I have joined IMS Company yesterday. I am originally from Delhi. I’m not acquainted with most of the places of this city. I asked you thinking that you may have known the place.”

“There is nothing much to know about me. I’m in a state where every moment has ceased, an unfortunate guy struggling very hard to overcome the problems of life.” Said Ravi frustratingly in one go.

“Sometimes adversities get generated to check the ability or enhance tolerance level of a person. Don’t worry, every problem will be solved soon or later. Problems do not stay for long. Just wait patiently for the right moment.” Says Tanisha in order to comfort him.

“Right moment, Huh? I have been searching for a job for last few months and I have also appeared for different interviews but not got selected in any. I’ve got fade up with this life. And this life has got nothing interesting to admire now. Everything has got finished for me, so it’s better to finish myself than to wait for unprecedented moments.” With these words, he shows her discontentment with his life.

“Were you there previously in any job?” Enquires Tanisha.

“Yeah, I was in Axcess Company previously. Due to economic crisis, a lot of employees were fired out and unfortunately I was one of them.” He reveals his problem.

“Ok, I can understand.”

“Until unless I find any job, it is not quite possible on my part to arrange marriage function of my sister. My sister has to wait for my job to start her new life. Alas, I am of no use to anyone……….” Ravi opens up his miseries in front of this stranger who seems to be quite amiable.

“I am sorry to hear these from you. Be hopeful, bad times never stay for long. It’s natural that after very winter, spring comes. So, don’t ever think to lose yourself. Your life is crucial for those who want you so much. You are very fortunate to get surrounded by your loved ones.” Tanisha tries to make the situation in control.

“My life is not so pleasant as well. Recently I have lost one of my relatives. It’s very painful.” She shares her problem as well.
Ravi stares his watch’s dial, then he replies,” Sorry to have wasted your time. I was so busy in narrating my story that I forgot to drop you to your place. I have killed your important time.” Apologies Ravi who unknowingly tells his problems. He did not want to express his trouble. But behavior of this girl, the companionship that she provides, urges him to open up his troubles to this stranger all of a sudden. Now, he feels relieved.

“Let’s move now.” Says girl who stands up quickly.

They start walking, leaving this shore behind. The purpose for which Ravi arrives to this place remains unfulfilled. He gets rid of all the pain and suffering within few minutes of talking. He reverts back to the route he took initially to reach this shore because this palace is situated somewhat near the shore. It’s about 1 km from the shore.
While walking on the road, she gossips a lot with him regarding her interests, latest news, about her family .He feels as if he has already met this girl somewhere before, otherwise how can someone be so frank within limited time? Finally Tanisha reaches her destination. She stops her narration and bids him goodbye. She enters into the gate and suddenly vanishes before the eyes of Ravi . He is completely perplexed. Now, he recapitulates his meeting with this girl in his mind standing in front of the gate of this palace. He tries to recall all those moments once again. But he gets stuck at one point. 

“What is her name?” He asks himself and moves slowly from the point where he stands. The name of this girl fades from his mind and he quests for that now.
It’s like a mystery, meeting a girl at the shore, befriending with her within few minutes, sharing troubles, then accompanying her to her place and suddenly she goes out of sight. “Oh God, was it all magic? She vanished all of a sudden.” He ponders upon.

Now, his mobile beeps. He unconsciously takes that out of his pocket and presses one of the keys.

“Happy birthday to you, Where are you and when are you coming back to home??” Asks Ravi’s sister. She is not at all aware of the step his brother was about to take to end up his life.

“Ahh…..Today is my birthday……Oh….I am near the shore, will be back within few minutes….” Replies Ravi who is surprised at first.

“Come soon, we are waiting for u, otherwise I’ll cut the entire cake, and some surprises are waiting……I’ll not reveal now.” She maintains suspense for him. With these words, conversation is over.

He stares up this sky and finds a shooting star descending. He folds his hands and like all other days, makes some wishes and takes those steps back to his home.



  1. Sometimes speaking our hearts out is the solution of many of our problems.
    The lady suddenly became the window for the protagonists' problems and it did him a lot of wonders. He started respecting the brevity of his life. Nice story with good moral (y)