25 Oct 2014

#78 Life


An experience is life
Or an ever flowing river
Situations ephemeral
And lessons several
Sometimes strongest are the blows
Proposes the need to look below
And read between the lines
Of those never ending chapters.

What a connection
And weird coincidences
Instances chained
Through invisible linkages
Rise and fall, fall then rise
It’s a series mystified
Coupling the desires
With concrete reality.

A platform offered to everyone
Where roles are played
Without each other’s part
Incomplete will be the act
Bounded in the time frame
Unbounded dream’s train
Running ceaselessly
Without one’s attempt.

Thoughts travel
To empty the emotional wall
Interacting with a mixture
 of opportunities and despair
 Like success and failure
Smiles and tears
All constituting what we call
A part of our share.

Swati Sarangi 

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