9 Oct 2014

#76 It's Diwali here.

It’s  Diwali here

The richness of the season
The freshness of air
The scattering of dry leaves
Here, there and everywhere
Over the solid ground
The melodious chanting sound
Of some indigenous birds
Or the exotic ones.

The wandering of free butterflies
I can never catch them
No matter how hard
My hand tries
The fragrance of
Blooming flowers
Spreading and creating
A blissful atmosphere.

With the arrival of festive season
The preparations have
Already begun
A list of various events
Has caught my vision
I want to be a participant
Of numerous events
To showcase my talent.

The open field of an area
So meticulously chosen
To build a Pandal
Decorated with some
Eye catching artefacts.
The carpeted ground
Seems to be glittering with
Colorful floral designs.

The all-stretching blue sky
Being draped by
The vibrant colored
Tent fixed at the periphery
Few small steps put
Leading one to the
Pandal’s foot
Near and close.

Then comes the Puja day
A day of fun filled celebration
And enjoyment, I can say
Goddess’s idol radiating
An invisible divine ray
Attracting the mortals
To that decorated palace.

The night sky gets illumined
With the sparking fireworks
A scene so spectacular
A huge gathering of people
Savoring the brightness of dark sky
And exclaiming over the
Formation of various 
Jeweled patterns.

Oh! Goddess, fill us with
Immense courage and power
So that we are capable of
Fighting with all ordeals
Each moment and every hour
May we drive out the
Thriving social evils
The way you destroyed
The demons and devils.

Swati Sarangi

P.S:I wish everyone a safe and colorful diwali in advance..  J


  1. I can very well connect myself with the celebration of Diwali in past. Pandals, Idols of Goddess, carpeted ground, floral designs and many more attracting things come into sight. This poem reflects those memories........:)

  2. Nice one, good write. Very Happy Diwali to you and your family.

    1. Thanks for appreciation and wishes.. Have a colorful Diwali ahead!! :)

  3. lovely lines. festival greetings! :)