29 Sep 2014

#74 Diaspora


This poem is very personal to me. It is about my emotions getting stirred up during a journey from my home to hostel.[ Like bodies, thoughts do travel far connecting souls and creating desired environment. Thus putting us in a state of hallucination in the way that we face a dilemma to distinguish between the dream and reality. ] I had a dream a night before seeing my mom and father on the platform waiting for me, my mom in a dark Maroon suit which she actually possessed then, that dream faded away with the ringing of the alarm clock. And to my surprise, I found a lady with the same Maroon suit boarding the compartment in which I sat few seats away from my sister as per my seat number. I was listening to music to shoo away my boredom, simultaneously praying God not to make that lady to face me, this did not happen actually. I was surprised at the striking similarity between that lady and my mom, same Salwar Suit, a pair of glasses, same complexion, similar hairstyle and the most surprising being similarity in  face!! I could not make out what was going around. Was I still in dream? I was so emotionally moved that I felt like running towards her to give her a tight hug. I would have done that had she stayed few minutes more in the same compartment.

With luggages at hand
And determined stand
I waited on the platform
To watch the train come.

The train approached with
A hissing sound
And the smoke ejected
Dusted the shining cloud.

Boarded the train
With a heave of sigh
Cause the crowd was tight
Blurring the present sight.

A loving mother with the
Apple of her eye
The maternity which tied
That lovely Sapphire.

I imagined as if
That child was I
Resting over my mom’s lap
Unaware of the world’s crass.

The diaspora of thoughts and bodies
Created an abyss
Making the appearance
Of a utopian reality.

Swati Sarangi


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