18 Jul 2014

#72 The View

The view

The view
That view
Which my eye lens views
The reflection of
This world
Encapsulated by
The amalgamation
Of virtuality with
Challenging reality
The view outside
Permeates my eye
And penetrates through
My soul
Fraction of it
Getting filtered,
Fragments of it
Passing to my sub consciousness
Stored as memories
Getting evolved
As poetry
And the remnant
Fading away

The view
That view
Which my eye
Lens views
The reflection of
This world
Passes before me
As I peep through
The window of
A journeying train
Over the
Metallic track
Known distance
In scheduled time
With its speed
Giving me an
Impression of
The situations,
Moments- all temporary
The time-transient
And the life
Goes on and on.

Swati Sarangi


  1. :) reminded me of the day when i left chandigarh train station towards delhi to take a place to delhi, I stood for so long in that train door watching all that i was leaving behind and it too RUSHING away from me ..

    beautiful poem


  2. The best part of journey through train is observing various scenes passing by, through window.Thanks for such a wonderful comment( and that within few hours of my posting).. Have a nice day!! :)