2 Jun 2014

#65 Pixie Dust- an interesting technology

Pixie Dust- An interesting technology

Know about Pixie Dust??? From  name, you may wonder that what it denotes exactly. You might have heard this word before if you watch cartoons of Disney. Tinker bell, a fictious character uses sparkling golden colour dust to lift herself up.

In fairy tales, pixie dust refers to the golden powder which is magical. It provides an extra ability of  fairies to fly higher. It is accompanied by "happy thoughts".

Recently researchers have found a new technology known as "Pixie dust". This technology will help to levitate particles by using sound waves. This have been already approved by researchers with single particle.

This technology is developed by Yoichi Ochiai, Takayuki Hoshi and Jun Rekimoto where they are able to lift the particles up by sound waves and form some image or patterns out of it. It will just be interesting to watch some phenomena in front of your eyes. The future application may include its use in animation or in display technology.

In the words of Andrew Liszewski "The applications for such a technology are almost impossible to comprehend at this point, since we’re so used to displays being flat and made from glowing pixels. But try and imagine the particles floating in the air coming together to suddenly form a computer screen, and you can start to realise how revolutionary this research could be."

I am ending this article with a hope that may this technology be a boon to the world of animation and display technology. Have a look how does it look like......

Sweta Sarangi


  1. Anti-ferro magnetically coupled media substances or " pixie dust " are a class of smart materials which respond to stimuli of sound waves.. these materials are made up of substances with electron spins aligned in an orderly but opposing manner.. not only in animation these materials may be found useful in making high density data storage materials and regenerative medicinal procedures.

    1. Thanks for reading this article and sharing information...:)

  2. I havnt heard about this technology but Pixie dust of fairy tales? Oh I am a fuge fan of it :D

    1. I am also a fan of fairy tales.....:) Thanks for reading my article!!