10 Jun 2014

#68 Introduction


Few lines of my introduction
With selected words of expression
A difficult task to perform
I begin writing
With a sense of introspection.

I’m not a celestial body
As my name suggests
I’m highly obsessed
With all inanimates.

I’m into something
I’ve never known
The works of my passion
Are never done.

I’m just an ordinary
Can be a part of illusioned scenery
 Words, colors and numbers
 Constitute my sphere
Without them, I feel
I can go nowhere.

I’m reserved and quiet
And always want the
Things to go right
I just wish to stay under
The vibrancy of light.

Ambitious I’m a bit
Like to sail through those
Numerous Utopian imageries
Residing in my mind
Conflicting the reality.

Overall, I’m a human
Made up of flesh and bones
If I be of any help
I’ll be the happiest person
of Earth, I tell.

This life neither easy
Nor so tough
A battle to be
Constantly fought
With a promise to keep
Miles to go before I sleep!!

Swati Sarangi


  1. What a beautiful poem. A small autobiography! Just want to stay under the vibrancy of life , is a line which sums up your ambition.

    1. Thanks a lot,Maa'm for going through my poem and for such a lovely comment!! :)

  2. hi Swati! lovely poem about yourself. yes life is a constant battle, good luck with blogging.

    1. Hello Maa'm, thanks for reading and commenting.. Have a nice day!!:)

  3. Wonderful poem. It reflects your personality completely.I liked the way you composed it within few hours.
    And what can be a better option to express yourself with these poetic lines...........
    I just want to say that "Never stop, just move on".........:)

    1. Few correction in your statement, it *DID NOT* take few hours for me to compose this :P.. Thanks for realizing what I wrote :P :P

    2. Oh yes, I got it. You took few seconds to compose......:P

    3. But nice one indeed(whether you have composed it within few hours, minutes or seconds),

    4. There are even lower units like nano, pico seconds.. You've missed them. :P

  4. Last two lines quoting frost, added a nice touch. Spelling of "quite" should be "quiet"
    "if i be of any help I will be the happiest person of the earth" sounds good n vaguely familiar..
    sorry for being the bad guy over here as I pointed out a mistake.. ;)

  5. I welcome any kind of suggestion of readers for improvement.. Your points have been well noted!! Thanks for reading my poem!! :)

  6. but then that is life.. it will be boring if there are no battles or ups and downs.. all the best with everything ..


    1. Yes, you are true about the struggle in life.. Thanks for reading and dropping a comment!! :)