15 Jun 2014

#69 In Disguise

In Disguise
Many regard doctors to be the synonymous of God as they are capable of regenerating a new life in a worn out life but I would not hesitate to regard my father as Almighty in disguise. Yes, he is a Godly figure to me for having introduced me to the world of both science and religion. A man who has been working tirelessly and selflessly to make our lives beautiful since the day we were born, a man who never expected anything for himself other than the happiness of his children.. On the occasion of Father’s day, I dedicate this article to the true inspiration of my life-my father

Many of you might be aware of the quotation, behind every successful man there’s a woman.
Why not trying it saying the other way like this- Behind every successful woman there’s a man. I’m not, at present, in the state of evaluating the level of success I’ve achieved in my life so far (as I believe I’ve not yet started in the long run), whatever little success I’ve earned over these years , I accredit all those to my father without whose constant motivation or inspiration, nothing would have been ever possible for me(not even in my dreams) .

I’ve always been very close to my father. During my school days, he always took a lot of interest in my studies and helped me in my task. I adored his companionship, even I do adore that now. I had got a lot of chances to discuss with on a lot of aspects ranging from Maths to religion, spirituality, politics, literature etc and he encouraged my questions. I think, this was the best part of learning – questioning and trying to explore the possibilities. He would always motivate me to participate in many competitions to enliven the hidden talents. I realize that it is never an easy task to raise two children of same age group without any discrimination and fulfilling their requirements simultaneously, he has done each part of his duty as a father so brilliantly!!

He believes in my abilities. Whenever I feel down, few selected words of wisdom lifts up my spirit. Yes, words create miracle, I believe.  I’m sorry to have shattered a lot of dreams and aspiration of his in past but still his faith on me is non- flickering.He has always given the greatest gift of life to me- his Belief.For me the words rendering the greatest driving potential are-  I know you can do it”.

I’ve learned a lot from him over these years.  I would like to mention few influential characteristics of his:

1)     Hopeful: He’s always so hopeful about life. He accepts the obstacles of his life as challenge as it offers him a spirit to face it and win it. He maintains a never-give-up attitude.

2)     Encouraging: There is no field in which I’ve ever lacked his support. He has always been so supportive of anything or everything I do.

3)    Understanding: He understands life well and tries to make me acquainted with the brighter side of it. Life is not just about winning and losing but a lot beyond that. 

4)    Dutiful: I’ve always found him concerned about his duties. He’s very particular about his duties –be it professional or non- professional, he has been successful enough to maintain equilibrium between personal and professional life.

5)    Honest and truthful: He’s very honest in his behavior.  He always suggests me to approach life by honest means.

6)    Religious: He’s very devout. He’s a strong believer of religion and at the same time he is fascinated by the advancement of technology.

7)     Compassionate: He’s compassionate of every creature of Earth. He looks upon on every living being with the sense of compassion and warmth.

8)    Systematic: He is very systematic in his life. He plans how to spend a day effectively because every second is important.

9)    Forgiving: He forgives the wrongdoers very easily. This may be the reason why he bears no grudge against anyone in his heart.

10)Quest for knowledge: He has a penchant for knowledge. He has a propensity for attaining knowledge in any form be it bookish or through experiences. 

To my father,
How can I forget that day
When you put those fragments
Of my weary soul together
I was losing my self
And you held me back
Not letting my spirit go.
One day, you’ll be the one
you wish for, I can assure
So why losing hope
And please behold
The beauty of life
The fragrance that
Each day provides
When life obstructs you
Challenge it
Stand alone
For your tit bits
Life is long
So accept the way
It belongs
To you
As I feel there’s
Nothing that you
Can’t do.”
These were your words,
I remember
Woke me up
From a deep slumber.

I just want to confess at the end that I don’t know whether I’ve proved myself to be the best daughter in the world, but yes in your case, Oh! Father, you are the best father of this world.  

With these words I’m not trying to repay the debt that I owe to you because I know I can never do that even in my billion births. I just want to express my deepest gratitude for you!!

May you live long with a lot of happiness and contentment!!

Wishing you a very “Happy Father’s day”!!

With a lot of love and respect
Your Loving daughter


  1. This is very sweet Swati. Your dad must be so proud of you today.

  2. What a heartfelt and touching post your father must be a wonderful man. Enjoy your special day with him xx

    1. Yes, he is a wonderful man full of positivity.. Thanks Yolanda for going through this post and commenting.. :)

  3. Your father will be extremely happy to read this! Amazing :)

    1. Each comment of the readers is priceless.. Thanks a billion for reading this and dropping by..:) Have a wonderful day!!

  4. He has been there with you and has taught you all the valuable qualities. He is a great father. :)

    Beautiful, honest post; touched my heart.

  5. I'm glad to find your comment over here.. I'm happy about the tag of "honest" post :) Yes,definitely.. my father is a real hero for me.. Thanks for your comment.. :)

  6. Wonderful tribute to your father! Swati! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for the praise!! :) Have a nice day!!

  7. very nice mam, Dad's are fantastic.. reminded me of a lot that u would have liked to say to my dad...

    you said right , we dont need to prove it to them, we will always be the best for them always no matter how bad we do:) ...

    a beautiful tribute mam... God bless
    and please extend my regards to your dad..


    1. Thanks for going through this post and sharing your valuable view points.. We can never repay the debt we owe to our parents.. and No matter how mature we become in life by the circumstances,we will always be no more than little kids to them..surely, will convey your regards to my father.. and thanks again for the praise.. Have a nice day :)

  8. God can't stay with his disciples every time.. so she sent angels to take care of them.. we call them " mother" and " Father "
    Happy belated father's day and Raja Festival to both of you and your family...

    1. Yes, your comparison of parents to angels of God sounds too appropriate!!.. Thanks for going through this post and commenting..Happy belated Raja to you and your family too.. :)

  9. Mostly people measure success in career as a yardstick for everything but trust me girl all that would make your Dad happy would be to see you content satisfied and happy in doing whatever you are doing carrying forth the values he ingrained into you while telling you ,' You can do it'. Just remember that as u cross each single milestone in ur life.
    I feel very touched and emotional every time I read a Dad post because for me too he is my God. Not unusual then I could feel every word, every emotion of yours. Thanx for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks for reading and dropping by,thanks again for your kind words and praise!! :)