9 Jun 2014

#67 Identity


A tussle between the mind and soul
For attaining the conscious call
Like oblivion drops of pearl
Scattered all over the stall.

A question so pertinent
Full of confusion but radiant
Are the thoughts that get aroused
The moment I begin my search

I’m on an anonymous quest
Walking over a forlorn path
In search of own identity-
A possessed peculiarity.

Asked here, roamed there
Never bothered world’s care
For the path, I know
I’ve to cover that myself, I dare.

Sometimes it’s the soul’s dominance
And sometimes mind’s
Seems like a strong wind
When the heart tries to win.

Who am I?
An inner voice yells out
In a state of inquisitiveness or
With a desire to be known.

Is this the name I carry?
Or the deeds I need to worry?
Before I can conclude
It needs a wider aspect to include.

May be it’s a journey so long
Like an eternal song
That search continues
Until the script is done.

Swati Sarangi


  1. Awesome, Swati.good selection of words!

  2. REALLY NICE.. the depiction of never ending tussle of mind and soul..

    1. Thanks for reading and constant encouragement!! :)

  3. A very good attempt, Swati. This is a deep quest, a very long, deep quest for each one of us to discover who or what we really are. I am sure you will come across many new insights about yourself as you keep walking the path. Perhaps you may also discover that we commonly speak of as soul is not really the soul, but just another part of us wanting to enforce itself upon us. Keep asking the questions....that's the way to discover :)

    1. Thank you for reading and Thanks again for the praise!! Your words are very enlightening and encouraging..The questions on identity have always been baffling. So many people have set out on the untraveled path leaving behind the comforts of life to search for that answer. Everything has a meaning, I believe and every episode of life has a connection with the other.. I'm trying to put the pieces in that bigger puzzle.. !! :)

  4. Nice really. :) The questions almost everyone ask. If we wouldn't that would be very strange. :)

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting.. Yes, I truly agree with your point!! :)

  5. The terns
    Search for oneself well depicted in your poem Swati. Good work.

    1. I'm so glad to find your comment!! :) Thanks..

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Alys for going through my poem and commenting.. :)

  7. The phrase "nature's call" in the second line is quite inappropriate. It actually means- an urge to go to toilet.
    I hope you didn't mean that... ;)
    I generally don't like pointing out anything, but it was too conspicuous to ignore...

    1. Thanks for bringing an important thing to my notice.. The line has been edited now.. It might seem okay .. Thanks for reading and making appropriate suggestion..:)

  8. WHO AM I .. is a question that i ask always. and i firmly beleive tht its the DEEDS that define us and make our identity


    1. I agree with your point.. My search for my true self has not been over yet, has yours?? Thanks for visiting my blog and dropping a comment!! :)