9 May 2014

#63 Mesmerize me

Mesmerize me

Those tiny droplets of rainfall,

Been sprinkled on the ground

From top, resembling pearl drops

Soothing those descending sound

Mesmerize me.

Those waves of ocean ascend

And descend at a particular rhythm

Rays of sun hit the surface of waves

Creating a magical superficial gold layer

Mesmerize me.

Those floating water lilies

 Impart bright colour radiation

Resonate continuously with breeze

 And leaves occupying their peripheries

Mesmerize me.

Those bunch of incense sticks

Being lit up daily at temples

Or any auspicious moment

Spread aroma throughout the sphere

Mesmerize me.

Those minnows in a pond

Constantly gyrate and grapple

For food and essentials

Lustrous in appearance and adorable

Mesmerize me

Those moss of my garden

A carpet of green emerald

Is stretched a wider apart

Tiny yet captures every eye sight

Mesmerize me.



  1. These are the simple pleasures of life that makes me feel happy and relaxed, enjoying my beauty and tranquil moments. The poem is lovely and so are the photos to match it. Michelle @ http://www.writer-way.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks a lot for reading my poem. I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed my work...
      And certainly I will visit your blog...:) !!

  2. Very beautiful lines... Really well written poem.. being a person of that kind of nature Iknow it really feels great to take notice and appreciate little details around us..becuase it connects to the ALLNESS of our lives..
    nice job again (y)