8 Apr 2014

#59 Nullity


An action starts from null
No one has ever imagined that
It might get so tall
Driven by unidentified will
Passion or a long woven
Imagination powered by
A strong inspiration.

Difficult to make out the
Origin of that thought
Thought which blows the minds
Thoughts which carry us to
Faraway untraveled roads
To satisfy the requirement.

Both beginning and the end- mystery
The road taken will very
Soon fade into history
Journey sometimes seem directionless
Who knows it might be
The reverse case.

What’s the hidden clue?
I ponder hard
I try to search that as far
As I traverse unrestricted
In the realm of possibilities.

The truth of life lurks behind
The planned adversities-
Those designed by the almighty
To set everything in
Its right place and to
Make impossibilities-a
Short spanned race.

You never know the motivation
Its origin and implications
It embraces you automatically
A soft shower so angelic
Enough to sublime
The sheer desolation.

An upside down serenity
A noble start
With a hope to excel
Over the desired.


Swati Sarangi