4 Nov 2013

#30 Wings of passion....

Wings of Passion

Wings of passion
Set one in motion,
With the adamant desire
To touch the sky high.

Elevating each thought
Which were once lost,
Channelizing these again
Not for loss but for gain.

To achieve something big
Once should have strong will,
Though roads aren't straight
But try for the best.

Chasing the dream
As fast as lightening,
With each step one takes
Finds  himself a little ahead.

With a little ray of hope
Of outshining than before,
Gathering all the strength
And courage to perform hence.

Trusting one’s own abilities
And neglecting other possibilities,
      Exploring best options
      Reach for the conclusion.

      At the end of the journey
      Success comes in favour
      A soul with satisfaction voices
      Yes, I have won the battle.