28 Nov 2013

#34 Every man's man Shaktimaan

Every man’s man- Shaktimaan

             21st NOV- World Philosophy Day. It was just an ordinary day for me until I grasped the essence of the day at the end of it.  I was ignorant of the speciality of this day before until I scanned the pages of my favorite newspaper TIMES OF INDIA from where I got to know about something called “World Philosophy Day”. The presented piece of writing is the result of the influence of the article published on the same day under the section TIMES IDEAS and under the column SPEAKING TREE (It is the column devoted to spiritual ideologies and thoughts. Trees don’t speak literarily. The picture of an old, firm banyan tree symbolizes wisdom or in other words maturity of thoughts). The published article was entitled as “Learn to respect your gut instincts”. The contents of that article were so informative and motivating that its effects stayed with me for next few days. I felt extremely peaceful, enlightened and full of positivity after I completed reading that. It not only provided me a sense of spiritual satisfaction at the desired level but also rejuvenated some old sweet and interesting memories of past. So, I want to share those with you all the readers of this article. I hope that I spread the similar sense of awareness in you for yourself which I received when I completed reading that article. Combo: with old memories.  

            The name Shaktimaan was once a name of every household, during the era of our childhood. It was a sci-fi TV serial featuring a Superhero, Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan is a Hindi word which means man of power. Every super hero serves as a role model for the people of the society. He is like a savior, fights against all evils and always tries to restore peace in the society. Where there is a Superhero, it is certain that there must be villains. So they were also present in the show with some awkward and weird get-ups adding to the level of suspense, action and thriller to which we children were most attracted to. We all children of the house would glue to the screen of the TV like most innocent and obedient children of the world when it was telecasted. We were addicted to it to such an extent that we would also never forget to watch the repeat telecast of the episodes!! We were that crazy for the serial!! It amazes me when I think about my obsession with any serial!! I generally run away from daily soaps.

           There were other attractive things in that serial to mention. The serial used to open up with a picture of a human being, shown meditating to activate various Chakras of his body. The entire scene was set under a cosmic background with a faint chant of OM. That was so interesting for me since the space thing was involved. The scene of chakras sometimes astonished me and sometimes it left me with a sense of laughter for not being able to understand the thing properly. I was, in fact, too young to comprehend the spiritual aspect of the described system. As far I recall, few words of the casting song were “jab hota hai aadmi ko apna gyan, kehlaya who Shaktimaan”. Its English translation is when a man tries to realize his true worth, he becomes most powerful. After many years, I now realize the density offered by each word of that song. If we connect the virtuality to reality we may find a connection. It would never be wrong to say that we are no different from the same hero whom we used to glance in our TV screens for many hours and for many subsequent years. You don’t believe? You have to believe that we all are Shaktimaan of real life (not different in characteristics from the reel Shaktimaan, but I can’t assure you about the look!) Yes, we all are spiritual beings. In reality, we are emotionally, mentally and physically very very powerful. Being powerful is our true nature and if we feel we are not, then we are suffering from low gut instinct and that is because the internal chakras of our body have not been activated so far. It is of utmost importance to activate the internal chakras of our body to always stay in a state of continuous awareness about our existence, strengths and purpose of our life.  Sharing my limited knowledge about different chakras- There are seven Chakras in our body and different Yoga procedures (and Pranayam- mediatation and other exercises) have been defined to activate them. When these Chakras are in the activated state, we experience peace, bliss and everything that we long for. So, I don’t think there is anyone who wants to stay in the state of dormancy. What are you waiting for?? Get started now and enjoy the wonderful gift of the Almighty given to you- life. 

Swati Sarangi


  1. I was raised here in the US and I remember super hero shows that I longed to have their powers but never wanted the accident that gave it to them.I was oblivious to other parts of the world having similar shows. But one true thing in common they had was the morality of righting wrongs, stopping evil, and given us children the sense of respect and realizing the consequences of our actions. Thank you for reminding me there are more important things in life then what is going on with ourselves but with what we do affects one or many more people in certain ways. So live life as if it's not yours but everyone's. And to do right by all. Thank you again.
    Respectfully yours,
    Nathan Flores.

    1. First of all I thank you for reading my article.. Yes, you are very true about the fact that we all have so many experiences of our childhood days admiring and following superheroes.Those happened when we were ignorant beings but we don't realise that we are no different from them.. We have all the powers within us which they have and it's absolutely true. It always gives me a great boost when I can get connected to the readers through my writing.

      Thanks for your encouraging comment. :)