16 Nov 2013

#33 Optimizing equation of life

Optimizing the equation of life
(Mathematical model / approach to the problems of life)

        To begin with, I would first like to introduce the topic of my article to the readers. Actually, optimizing Engineering was among the subjects to be studied in 5th semester in engineering course. It is completely a mathematical subject. Since Math has always fascinated me, I studied this subject with more interest which later seemed easy. I have a habit of correlating the concepts to real life situations. This is the reason due to which this article has come into existence (my first ever attempt to connect Engineering stuffs with real life- mathematically modeling a real life problem, believe me it won’t be that scary!!).  Going through the details of the subject to make the readers acquainted with the associated terms, I would like to elaborate things little more. We are given a function (known as objective function) to optimize. When there is an equation, there must always be variables. In this case, the variables are addressed as decision variables. The process of optimizing an equation includes both maximizing and minimizing with constraints and non-negative variables. The constraints are either in form of equalities or inequalities. The decision variables may be restricted or unrestricted depending upon the nature of the problem. The given function may be linear or non- linear. This diversifies the problem giving rise to a lot of possibilities in its formation and solving procedure. 

The form of a problem is given below:

Max Z= f(x1,x2,x3……….xn)

Subjected to constraints:

AX < = > b

Where x1,x2,x3…. Xn > 0.

      If we try to apply the concept of optimization in the equation of life, we will end up connecting the objective function to the aims/aspirations/ goals of individuals. Depending upon the perspectives, choices and conditions of an individual, these goals vary. Hence, it can be treated as a function. So, objective function can never be unique. The decision variables are the factors (both internal and external) affecting a decision. In real life, they act as driving forces in achieving something. So, they must be very carefully selected. Now, let’s discuss about constraints. Constraints in real life are the obstacles which prevent us from achieving what we want to achieve. Again, the constraints can be of two types: internal and external. Internal constraints are the insecurities developed in mind such that fear of failure, guilt, tendency of procrastination, being judgmental, greed, lack of self control etc. External factors comprise of environmental conditions, distractions due to surrounding etc. Assuming the decision variables to be non-negative, in this case I can relate the presence of decision variables to be certain (Does any human being exist without having the tendency to take decision in his life?)So, non-negativity of the decision variables can be connected to the fact of their existence. By now, we have completed the process of arranging the prerequisites for the problem but we are not done yet. Now, the question of optimizing the problem arises- whether we have to minimize or maximize?? The answer is quite obvious. If our goals are constructive, then we need to maximize the problem otherwise minimize it. The non-linearity of the problem can be indicated by the level of complexities it has. The more complexities involved, more fascinating the outcomes would be.

        In the nutshell, life would have been empty or a worthless void if there were no problems. Problems are the part and parcel of our life.  We can never avoid them as they carry deep messages with them and force us to challenge them. Problems offer us opportunities for self improvement. When we are reluctant to face them, we lead a life full of terror captivated by the feelings of defeat and loss.  The feeling which comes through the victory of overcoming challenging is exhilarating. This completely transforms us into a being that we always desire to become. So, to be at peace and harmony with the confronting and rebellious thoughts arousing inside the mind, there is a need for us to look at the problem from a different perspective so that we are successful enough to grasp the deep messages hidden in it.

All the best for facing the problems of life..

Go Ahead!!


Swati Sarangi


  1. A well optimized article . As is depicted human life is a great optimization problem with many, variables and constraints. It is our duty to optimize the solution of the problem by puting it on cartesian plane of "Cortex praefrontalis" ( the command tower, the decision making centre of the brain). Sometimes the solutions are exact and sometimes they may be unbounded with numerous oppurtunities. It is where consciousness and our wisdom comes into play. This is what that makes humans the sentient beings

    1. Your remarks are so true about the intrinsic nature of human beings. I'm glad to find a comment for this article as I was thinking it to be quite unsuitable for the general readers.. Thanks for reading this one.. :)