28 Nov 2013

#35 My first attempt

 My first attempt

       In this post, I’m going to reveal the very first poem I composed. I composed it when I was in standard. VI and that was on “Mother”. It is said that the first word of address which emanates from the mouth of a child is none other than of his Mother’s. It was similar in my case of poetry. I composed that poem in the school during the period of Sanskrit as I had already finished the task of that class. This attempt proved to be a small step taken towards doing what I enjoy doing and later became my favorite pastime. I don’t have the answer to the question what made me to compose a poem on that day. I hope that you won’t underestimate the words chosen randomly from a child’s constrained sphere of vocabulary and imagination.

     Mother is an epitome of unconditional love, sacrifice and care. She is someone on Earth whose lips are in constant motion of uttering prayer and good wishes for her children. She is someone who has been sacrificing her every comfort, her every desire for the sake seeing us happy. Do you forget the pain that she very happily and comfortably embraced during those deadly nine months? She neither demands nor complains about anything but she deserves a huge display of warmth and reciprocation of our emotions. It is unfortunate to state that in a country like India which is full of values, morals and emotions, mothers at old age face rejection from their own children. It is evident from the fact that the number of old age homes are on rise. It was extremely emotional for me to watch a one hour video of an episode of Satya Meva Jayate – a TV serial dedicated to the problems and cause of common people hosted by a famous actor Aamir Khan, on old age homes. The scene of old ladies sitting in rows, near the temples of Mathura , waiting eagerly for the arrival of their children or even the slight glimpse of them would serve the purpose, was disturbing. It was such a scene that would question the level of your compassion. I’ve been to the holy land of Mathura and Vrindavan while I was just a kid and also noticed the aforementioned unfortunate thing but I didn’t know the cause of that or I was too young to understand all those emotions. I wonder how can someone leave his root of existence to her own fate by letting her to get trapped in the never ending vicious cycle of waiting? That wait is very very painful, I can feel. Did you forget the incidence of your mother’s agony in arranging anything that you demanded for, while you were a kid? She put everything aside to fulfill even the littlest need of yours. Did she ever make you wait for the thing that you asked her to give? Then why does she have to suffer in the last stages of her life when she requires a lot of emotional and mental support? Did you forget those incidences when she awakened your spirit when you were depressed and felt downtrodden? We owe a lot to our parents. We can never ever repay the debt that we owe to them, even in several births. So, let’s promise ourselves to look at the needs of our parents during the time when they need us the most. Let’s all prove ourselves to be the best children of the world. Our parents deserve a lot in return of what they’ve done for us.         


She always bothers
She is sweet as flowers
She is happy as shower.

She looks happy
When I do my work
She looks annoyed
When I do mischieves.

She is active
Sometimes passive
And fills colors in my life
So, I pray God for her long life.

Mother, Mother, Mother
Sweet as flowers
Happy as blowers
And bright as colors.

Concluding this article with few lines taken from different songs of Bollywood(in Hindi),
Jisko nahin samjha hamne kabhi
Par uski zaroorat kya hogi, he Maa
He Maa, teri soorat se alag
Bhagban ki Soorat Kya hogi, kya Hogi.
English translation- When we don’t understand God then what is his need? OH! Mother I wonder how could be the face of Almighty different from yours?

Bhejna itna door mukhko tu
Laut ke bhi tujhko aana paaoon Ma
Kya itna boora hoon , mein Maa?
Tujhe sab hei pata…. Meri Maa
English Translation- Don’t send me too away from you that I even don’t come to your thoughts. Am I so bad? I know you understand everything….

P.S: This post was supposed to be just a poem but I could not resist myself from expressing my ideas and thoughts. I hope you consider those.

Swati Sarangi

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