2 Nov 2013

#29 Echoes of the nature

Echoes of the nature

         It was 5.30 a.m. in the morning. It is very difficult for me to keep my body over the bed once my eyes are opened. “What to do now?” , thought I , after completing my daily chores. I went close to the window of my room for glancing the outside view. The location of our room is in the top floor through the window of which I get to see the view of distant mountain and river Brahmani flowing. The entire view seems to have come out of any professional artist’s canvass. It looks so stunning because everything seems to be in its place- just PERRRRFECTTTT….

       Oh! I slept quite early than my usual timing even without putting the entry in my diary, let alone completing the uncovered portion of Power electronics. “Will not it be a great idea to go over the terrace and write my diary??”- an idea stroke my mind. If you ever feel like breathing in fresh air and you’re staying in a room situated at the top floor, it is always better to go to the terrace and avail that rather than descending down to the ground!! I obviously did the former as mentioned above. When I went to the terrace, the thing that I noticed first was the thick layer of fog enveloping the surrounding (It had already been 6a.m then) and this compelled me to get down and put on some woolen clothes.

       The side of the terrace which gives me the view of the Brahmani river is my favorite spot @ the hostel. Quite recently, it has become the daily bread of my eyes. I hardly forget to miss the sight of sunrise and sunset the moment I got mesmerized by it. The sight is magnificently magnetic. This makes me feel as if the pull of the nature towards its beauty can never be overcome by the intrinsic forces residing within us. The prevailing peace during the morning hours is extremely refreshing. When I tried to be more cautious of my surrounding, I could hear the sound of running water which  I , at first, mistook to be the sound of the flow of Brahmani river but surprisingly it was the sound of water of the a nearby gutter!! It was so calm and quite all around that reminded me of an adage (don’t know the extent of the popularity of it- I mean, how many of you’ve heard about it) – The chant of Om was heard during the time of evolution of Universe- Big bang. I was trying to get connected to that adage. The small sweet birds were chirping in their usual tune by squatting here and there over the twigs of the plants and butterflies flying beautifully spreading across their colors. It was a sight worth capturing by the lens of eyes. Stillness and calmness all around amidst the stretch of vegetation. I, for a moment, was completely lost in the view to a level that some weird philosophical questions (regarding our existence- existence of human being and his ultimate goal) started bubbling inside my mind, that was how I lost the track of my consciousness for a moment. When I diverted my mind from all those, I found that some seniors had already been present with their study materials. Their deep dedication towards studies then compelled me to come out of a never-ending-cycle of philosophical thoughts and interrogate myself for the purpose of the present. After few minutes of introspection, walk around the terrace, at last I sat for the ultimate task- studying.

         I’ve not been able to resist myself from spending my evening time over the terrace, gazing that distant view of mountains and river at my favorite spot over the terrace and simultaneously appreciating the splendor of each component I visualize and perceive. The scene was breathtakingly beautiful as it reminds me of the paintings drawn in the fantasy story books of childhood days that my father purchased. As a child, my innocent mind would always question whether such places really existed or will it be ever possible for me to witness this sight in my life time. After so many years, I now have the answers to all those unanswered questions that once used to get built up inside my mind. It’s perhaps this place, the place where I’m right now present. The small lighted houses at the opposite bank of the river seem to me no different from the demonstration of any mysterious fairy land as if those have been constructed with the help of small and delicate matchsticks – a unique masterpiece!! Simply wonderful and amazing!! The glow of faint light resembles the ray of light emanating from burning candles spreading the light as far as possible and destroying the darkness. The red colored flag at the apex of the Lord Shiva’s temple shines in the dark background of the sky jeweled with tiny sparkling stars.. And, now the atmospheric air transports the sound of evening prayer to my ears- so divine and peaceful, and few lines of songs of childhood days running inside my mind-

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The lord God made them all…
The lord God made them all (Chorus)..

        Among all these, I hear a voice calling my name.. Yes, it’s my sister and has come to remind me of evening snacks and arrangement for diwali decoration..So, I put a halt to my wandering thoughts from flowing further.

        I wish every reader of this article, a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali.. May you enjoy this day to the fullest…


Swati Sarangi   


  1. Simply awesome...
    I got so involved as if I were there for a moment...
    Very nice...

  2. In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
    And that's exactly what I felt after reading your post.. Thanks for the mesmerizing experience..

  3. I could visualise the whole scenery... Moreover,it used to be favourite place... Thanx 4 refreshin... :)

    1. Thanks a lot,Didi for going through this article. Yes, that was the irresistible magnetic pull of nature. :)