29 Nov 2013

#36 A speechless warning

  A speechless warning

To my enemies,
I warn you all.
Get stuck to your place
Lest you should fall
From the pinnacle of hallucination
Which might set your wit in motion.

Shed off the feeling of being superior
As it would never let you feel
The experience of a
Gallant warrior.

Do notice that I warn you
Through my unsaid dialogues
I do not curse any catastrophe
To cause any havoc
Cause that’s of no use.

Oh! How foolishly you believe what you see
And you claim that’s why you are distancing me
Your each attempt of belittling myself
Is doing nothing much (to you)but
Multiplying my will reinforced with tolerating capability
I doubt if you’ve ever discovered a
Slightest part of my ability
In fact, you’re unknowingly lifting
My spirit up but unwittingly
Making your roles great flops.

Remember!! Your steps can never distract me
Unless I allow your intensions to overpower me
Ironically, you’re heading trouble for yourself
Which you don’t realize
And pretend to be sympathetic
Which is not required at all.

I neither point you out
Nor do I ever think to shout
To highlight your silliness
Cause I don’t wish to transform those
Who are never meant to be transformed

Use of slangs never display your smartness
But only my smartness to neglect them
Unfortunately your humiliating words
Have never been able to drive me back.

In spite of your deeds
I stretch out my arms
To embrace you when you require
To comfort you
When you feel desolated.

It shows my greatness
To always shadow your weaknesses
See, how uniquely you’ve
Invoked my literary taste.
And I should not forget
To appreciate.

I’m not going to dissipate
My wrath in form of ugly revenge
As you may expect
You must see that, this is my
Concept of forgiving.

Swati Sarangi


  1. that is strong.. I hope and wish your enemies are now long gone ...


  2. Haha.. This poem does not intend to target any individual.. just came into existence out of vague imagination. Thanks for your comment.. Have a nice day! :)