20 Oct 2013

#26 Time and Tide waits for none

Time and tide waits for none

                            It is a well known proverb that “time and tide waits for none”. It lays emphasis on the importance of time management and opportunities of life. Time is a self explanatory term. It requires no further elucidation in the area of its meaning and definition. Tide in the above mentioned line symbolizes opportunities offered by life. Both are equally important as the loss of time and opportunities can never be recovered. Those losses remain unrecovered throughout the life.
                               The importance of managing time cannot be underestimated or neglected as this fact should not be taken lightly. The secret behind the success of every successful person lies in his efficiency in managing time. He, who can manage time, can easily win over the ordeals of life. Proper planning is one of the ingredients of success. It helps in the accomplishment of multi –tasks in a short time and hence saves time. Keeping in view its importance, it should be used judiciously, the way we use non-renewable sources of energy. The utility of those sources are very easily perceived because of their physical existence .But it is just the reverse in case of time. People seldom realize this. They only realize the loss caused by it which cannot be repaired. The following proverb can substantiate the aforementioned lines- “A stitch in time saves nine.” This means the task done in time prevents oneself from bearing the losses.
                      Tides represent opportunities. It is opportunities which lay down the primary ladder to success. Like the tides forming in the sea due to the pull of gravity of moon, numerous and uncountable opportunities come and go in life. But every opportunity is different from the other. He always manages to become a winner in the rat race who has learnt to “strike the iron when it is hot”-exploiting appropriate opportunities in right time. To utilize the opportunities properly, one must always remain prepared because like the tides, they come uninformed or accidently. For that one has to “make hay while the sun shines”-always remain alert and attentive to make best use of the opportunities coming in the way. Constant efforts must be put without caring about the failures because failures are like small stones in the sea which may affect the strength of tides but cannot prevent their formation because their formation depends solely on the gravitational pull of moon. In other words, failures make one to lose a particular opportunity but it can never block the incoming opportunities. Opportunities should never be left to chance nor to fortune as both of these have no role in governing it. It is the characteristics of the losers and cowards who procrastinate the tasks and hold their destiny or fortune for that .After all, fortune favors the brave. Braves or determined persons build their own fortunes by their deeds and by visualizing opportunities in their failures.
          In the nutshell, time and tides are no such physical quantities which can be controlled by money. It is common for all rich and poor. They discriminate against no caste, nation, society, gender, creed, religion or belief etc. One can prove himself to be a winner if he is able to exploit the proper opportunities in proper time as time and tide wait for none.

-Swati Sarangi


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