11 Oct 2013

#24 On Abstract thing

    The most prized possession


  Since I’m writing about the diary, I find it quite apparent to mention the factors behind motivating me to initiate diary writing. I can very well recall that my diary writing began as a result of assignment given to me during the summer vacation when I was in standard 5.Then, I was too young to understand the essence of writing a diary and ended up filling the pages of diary simultaneously as entry for 3-4 days in a day in order to accomplish the assignment. Thereafter, I was again given the same task a year later. This time I followed the same procedure for which I could even not feel its importance. I could feel the importance of diary writing when the book “The diary of a young girl” by Anne Frank accidently caught my eyes lying among the rack of non-fiction books in my school’s library. I admired her expression through her words which reflected her straightforwardness. She had been very descriptive about everything present around her- environment, friends, school, the location of secret annex where she lived, family, life and everything. Since she lived in a secret annex, she merely had any friends to share her feelings. So, in that case diary came to her rescue in terms of listening to her feelings. Her words were so expressive and powerful that I could not continue after 50-60 pages. The entire scene flashed before my eyes making my eyes wet with tears but reading her diary provided an enormous encouragement to me to write down my feelings.

     Initially, I filled the pages of diary with daily routine starting from morning to night. In subsequent years, a strong bond of intimacy developed between me and my diary and I started to be more transparent in projecting my emotions and views in my diary. Reading and writing have always been the subjects of my interest since childhood. Interestingly, my shyness and reluctance to speak also add to the reason of writing diary. I feel writing diary in form of pure confession or expression is the best way to communicate with oneself as one never faces any kind of opposition and diary, being an inanimate thing, always lends an ear to your words when the real world does not. Many scientific researchershave revealed that diary writing acts as a stress buster. I’ve felt the same for the first time during my preparation for CBSE BOARDS for 10th class. I find diary writing an excellent way of introspecting oneself at the end of the day. Sometimes feelings can be better penned down beautifully rather than spoken out. Diary writing also provides a way to pacify my mind which is stuffed with all random thoughts. Writing down the feelings not only stabilizes the mind but also renders a feeling of comfort of having shared one’s own thoughts (even though with an inanimate thing). I share my strengths, weaknesses, celebration, joy, success, failures and everything with my best friend- diary. The level of obsession with my diary has risen to such a height that if I don’t communicate with it even for a single day, I become restless. It is difficult to express the old memories and feelings getting revived on turning over the pages of old diary. It makes me laugh on my silliness of the past as well as sigh on the passage of those golden moments of the bygone days.

  I’ve come across numerous instances depicting the craze for diary writing. For example,it was depicted in the blockbuster movie of the era ANAND directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Dr. Bhaskar Baneerjee fondly known as Babu Moshay enacted by star of the millennium  Amitabh Bachhan , was fond of penning down his feelings at the end of the day in his diary. In one of the Hollywood movies (I can’t recall the name correctly), the leading character, the protagonist of the movie, a teenage girl has been shown maintaining a diary during the day. She has been shown as a very introvert girl who hardly speaks but she possesses an unparallel writing skill. Because of her shy nature, she faces a lot of criticism from fellow students of the class which further demoralizes her effort to get mixed up with other fellow students. But the movie ends up with a very positive note, as her talent speaks up when she is appointed as the chief editor of the school magazine. The novel “Leah” by J.M.Reep gives another example of obsession of teenage girl to diary writing.

   In the nutshell, diary is inseparable part of my existence. The most ordinary non-living thing has a special place in my heart. Therefore, I consider it as the MOST PRIZED POSSESSION. It is worth million of wealth for me. I can never think of staying away from itas in case of my family. It provides a great platform of expression for me as spontaneously erupted thoughts and emotions should be instantly captured among those ruled white pages. With the passage of time, the bonding between a living and non-living thing is getting strengthened and I also hope that in coming years also it will continue to be a great companion of me. May this friendship last long. With a very optimistic note, 
      I’m signing off for now……..

Thanks for reading this article…..

By Swati Sarangi

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