31 Oct 2013

#27 In the regime of words

In the regime of words

Theme: There are words and words everywhere. We are in fact, encapsulated by them. Can we ever imagine a world without words? Can you think of any other alternative of expressing yourselves? I don’t think it to be ever possible without them. They are as important as the air we breathe. These are the fundamental units of communication, medium of exchanging thoughts and ideas. We are constantly in the dynamic process of exchange of words. We don’t know how many words we give to others and how many we receive in return.. Let’s not get further into the complexities of the words.. After all, we’ve to admit that we dwell in the regime of words..     


In the regime of words
We and our reticent selves
Are governed by them which
Lend wings to our
Endless thoughts, emotions
And enliven the unspoken.

Words- reflections of our
Inner spirits and
Mirage to the outer world
Even in the unspoken form
Resembling a strange herald.

Words travel far and wide
Crossing all borders
Either in form of speech
Or simply written stuffs
Conquering ages and minds.

These have enormous power
Having the ability of transforming
The gloomy and defeated souls
If preserved and nurtured
With utmost care.

Words prompt actions
If properly constructed upon.
Ideas emanating from them
Can create wonders
Only when meticulously deciphered.

Some may seem familiar
While others unfamiliar
Yet familiar in a unique way.
They may have their own voice.
Can you guess what they say?

How well do we realize
The dynamic exchange of words?
It’s an infinite chain
Ranging from infinity to nowhere
Enveloping every sphere.

Sometimes we float aimlessly
Amidst the sea of words
Searching for connection or association
With another such word
To personify the expressions.

Words thrown, words caught,
We should know that we must
Hold on to some
While letting others pass

In the continuous flow.

By Swati Sarangi


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