11 Oct 2013


 Evolution of the blog named “CREATIVE CONSTELLATION”
Pencil Shading By Sweta Sarangi

Creative Constellation is a collaboration of two words as can be seen clearly…These are creative and constellation. These words themselves explain the whole concept, creative means generating something new from one’s imagination and innovative ideas and constellation means agglomeration of different stars to form a bigger group. Similarly this blog is an agglomeration of different thoughts and ideas which get generated up unconsciously within. Through words in form of different writing styles, these thoughts or ideas can be conveyed to the outer world very distinctively. In a nutshell this blog is meant to explore this form of art which is unique from other art forms.

Well the above mentioned lines throw lights on the meaning completely…Now, let’s move a bit ahead. You may be interested to know the reasons behind such creation and the evolution of this blog. Let me elaborate.

In my childhood days, I liked to write articles in order to develop some of my writing skills. But I lost interest in consecutive years. I felt that this writing skills would not help me much or I could say that it was only for the purpose of developing a regular habit and that’s all  .Here it is interesting to note that my sis was the indirect driving force. One day my sister (Swati) told me that she was about to publish her writings in her blog. She published those and asked me to have a look at her work (though she composes very nice poems). Her work was simply fantastic. Initially the name of the blog was on her name. She asked me to do some editing in her blog if required as she knew that I am the one who can spend a whole day in front of computer for internet surfing, downloading games, softwares, editing , making presentations, etc. Up till now an arbitrary blog was developed.

Now, I am about to share what had prompted me to write my first story. It was for the magazine of college. I planned to write a short story. As I had never experimented something like this before, it consumed many of my hours. I did editing again and again to get a perfect one. Finally, the story was completed.  I felt relaxed to complete the story within one day after struggling for many hours.

My sis suggested me to post this story in her blog. Then I joined her blog as a co-writer (I call myself a co-writer because I am not a regular writer and pursue this art form in leisure hours only). As we two had joined the same blog, the name of the blog had to be changed because it was connecting only one initially. Suddenly the word “creative” stroke my brain in a lightning speed. In order to make it sound resonating, I put corner after creative. It was not approved by her but she was in favour of using the word creative.

We were in search of a word starting with ‘C’ which would accompany the previous mentioned word. After a lot of discussions and mind boggling searches, the constellation came to our way. This word gave a complete view/direction to our thoughts and a virtual knot (for writing) connecting two of us. After a lot of renovations, the blog named creative constellation reaches its way like any other blogs. Of course I had to change the domain name to www.creative-constellation.blogspot.com. The tag line is streamlining the random thoughts and creativity with words…..Finally a blog named creative constellation had evolved.

For the readers, I would like to introduce some of the sections of my blog. The main purpose of this kind of division is to categorize different ideas based on the thinking. By this way, the readers can easily figure out the theme just by seeing the main title. This approach will serve to be a systematic view of the blog. So the sections are as follows:

1) Poetry (short, long, medium and theme can be anything)
2) Short stories (arousing emotions)
3) Movie mania (Movie reviews)
4) For book worms (Book reviews)
3) Articles (elaboration of main idea)
4) Nostalgia/Memorabilia (recollection of old memories)
5) Emanating thoughts (internal ideas and striking thoughts)
6) Curiosity (a collection of facts based on researches)

I hope that this blog will be able to establish a link between the writers (we two) and the readers and most importantly convey the idea. Without critics, writing skills will not be improved. Feedback from the readers will boost up the level of confidence and it will inspire to create something new and innovating. So in each posts, some suggestions are required from the readers. Readers are requested to post their comments below the posts. So, with this I want to pause my words from further flowing.

Happy reading and Keep reading.

Sweta Sarangi
About Authors
Well to start with my intro, I’m an ordinary girl who loves to dream high and chase them because I believe, without dreams or goals, life seems to be directionless. Life is certainly precious. A technical student who finds all sorts of enjoyment in reading and writing. I like to spend my time in my own world of imagination. A shy natured girl, quite reticent, a hard-core supporter of Human rights and strong believer of Karma and its effects.

About my journey of writing, I've contributed my pieces of writing to school and college magazines, e-magazines like Agnishatdal and Writer's Ezine various websites like learning and creativity. I've won many prizes at school,college and national level competitions in writing.My articles and poems have got published in various anthologies such as Shades of life-2, The Stage, The season, Addiqtd book of poetry. In my spare time, I write in two blogs- this one and the other one in wordpress(www.wordstoworldblog.wordpress.com). 

 I appreciate all philosophical and spiritual aspects associated with life as it helps me to broaden my insight to life. My ideals in life are my parents, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi A.P.J Abdulkalam, Paulo Coelho, Stephen Hawking, Hellen Keller and many more…… I get immense inspiration from the world surrounding me which guides and motivates me to absorb into it and learn from its each component.

Favourite Quotations:
1)      Take up one idea. Make that idea your life- think of it and dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves and every part of your body be the full of that idea and just leave every idea alone. This is the secret of success.- Swami Vivekananda
2)    Look at the sky. You’re not alone. The universe is friendly toward and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work- Dr.A.P.J Abdulkalam.
3)    He worked by day
And toiled by night
Gave up play and all delight
Dry books he read, new things to learn
And when he won
People called it LUCK – Anonymous
The third quote, rather a short poem, gives the impression that there is a huge amount of difference between the way world interprets you and you interpret yourself because no one knows you better than yourself. So, we should have a deep understanding of our own self unbiased by the perception of the world.
Last but not the least……
I welcome you all to this blog which has come up as a consequence of our scribbles.
I hope you enjoy reading our blog….
Looking forward to receive your valuable comments and feedback because they act as catalyst in the process of creation..
Swati Sarangi


A graduate in chemical engineering. I am a co-writer of the blog named creative-constellation. Blogging is a best option to stay in touch with one's work and there is also a scope of improvement after receiving feedback from different readers......... CREATIVE CONSTELLATION is a combined effort(of both) to explore some more forms of writing and develop more instinct towards this art form.......

**Readers don't get confused myself with Swati !!        We are different individuals but         share same interests mostly.......;)I hope that you will enjoy reading our blog.....:)So, happy reading and keep reading!!!

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