31 Oct 2013

#28 Beyond the boundaries of impossiblities

Beyond the boundaries of impossibilities

Theme: Through this poem, I want to convey a message that there is always a hope even in the darkest period of one’s life. Sometimes, the cruelty of the situation paralyzes the greatest qualities of us making them fade into our unconsciousness. Thus, we become so unconscious of their existence within us that we make uncountable futile efforts searching them around and end up in frustration. It is no different from the state of deer in desert which mistakes mirage in sand to be water and runs fanatically to avail that.
    So there is a need to always stay in the state of awareness of our own strengths which can be harnessed properly during the hour. For this, the idea of impossibility has to get eradicated from the mind for a long term and it should be visualized in a positive light as – I M POSSIBLE.

Standing at the verge of extinction
Deceived by self conviction
Which was once a path tracer
But now has turned into a traitor.

The best qualities locked up
Inside the grave of impossibilities
Not even a faint sound around
To invoke them like hounds.

Isn’t it an unfair hibernation?
When the world has come
To a state of standstill,
A phenomenon against your will.

A thick layer of fog and mist
Surrounds the graveyard and twisted
Lay the creepers on the way
Like scriptures of the clay.

The escape is not natural
Because of the presence of the peripheral
Distractions pulling it back
Into the inanimate coffin.

The law of nature can’t be unjust
For those who toil hard and trust
The outcome to be right
Because of the Almighty.

Suddenly once the captives
Break all the shackles
With energy gathered before
To go beyond the boundaries of impossibilities.

Stop the boundaries of impossibilities
From growing stronger
Because to be IMPOSSIBLE- a SIN,
And possible – a synonym for WIN.

Let the energies of surroundings
Resonate with yours.
Delving deeper inside yourself
Is worth a world tour.

Cut off the vicious cycle
Of belittling yourself and others
So that you can very well recall
Those leaps that covered.

It’s only you who knows
Who you are
Having potential equivalent
To that of a billion stars.

This is the secret of all success.
Just leave the idea of being depressed
Because you never know what’s in store
Once the struggle is over.

Swati Sarangi

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