2 Sep 2013

#20 Among the stars----------------By Sweta Sarangi


Among the stars

 In the midst of the late night,     
Breaking the eerie silence
Those barking stray dogs
The twinkling stars at different angles
Resembling diamonds in the sky
The dark, dusky clouds
Almost engulfing the moon……
Which has shrunk to half.

I count those in numerous stars
And search for the brightest one.
Like a game healing my soul and brain.
I presume that you are sparkling
In that dark sky
May be there in heaven to lay,
Your vision on me and to
Be with me forever.

I feel your presence
I feel your caressing hand upon my head
Spent my childhood days with you,
Would like to cherish those golden moments,
Your love and affection: A protective shield

Transform yourself according to my mood
More often a story teller,
Starting from fragmented pieces of
Your imagination, to end up with mystical.
Know that your stories would filled up
Within me a sense of joy…

I admire your ghost stories
Loved to listen the story involving a
Ghost character named-Khapis
Incite my curious mind to
Discover the hidden themes of life.

Enjoyed your company
By being an infant
Unaware of the adversities
 Of the outer world
Perceived the world from your
Perspective: A divine one.
You would not care to sacrifice your
Happiness for my comfort.
You would overlook my mischeives
And pamper me as a doll being
Treated by kids.

Most conscious about my health
Feel desperate on finding me sick
Take care of me like an angel
Descended to earth from heaven
Your presence: A bodyguard
Cause I was an inseparable part of your life.

How could you depart me so early?
Knowing the fact that
My love for you is like those tiny
Water droplets of dew that fall
Unconditionally on the grasses daily.
I long for your affection
Now, grown up
Still search you within
Everyone I come across.

Difficult to debar you from my thought
Like a ray of light, your thoughts provide
Me a direction to move on
The trodden path of the life.
Your words: treasure of life
Your departure has created
A void in my life.
Can’t get filled up by anyone
Cause you are unparalleled.

Not find you in this birth
Like arrows and unlike boomerangs
People once travel that long way
Never return back.
But you have left
An indelible print in my heart.
It can’t be blotted away easily.

Wish to see you in my next birth
As Grandpa once again,
Rendering your love and support
As you had showered to this world.
May be I was destined to be
Under your shelter for lesser  time.
Wish to be a part of your life
As a grand daughter
And share most of my stages of life
 Making you feel conceited.

With the passage of time
My feelings for you will grow
Much deeper and stronger.
Our relationship: an elastic thread
Feel shortage of words
To describe you completely.
You are an epitome
Of affection and knowledge.
Those golden memories will
Never grow fainter …
And will preserve those forever……

Sweta Sarangi
P.S:      You are among the stars
           Indeed very far and far
           My vision can’t reach there
           But can be sensed by my heart.
Dedicated to my grandpa whose love for me is unparalleled.He is no more in this world but his memories are stored permanently in my mind. I saw him last when I was only in standard four. Through this poem I had given tribute to a complete personality and ideal of my life- JJ. 


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