9 Aug 2013

#17 Dummy Gods On Earth

Dummy Gods on Earth

Theme: It’s a fact that there is no clear cut evidences on existence of GOD but we all believe in different forms. Even though we’ve never visualized GOD directly yet we manifest him in our day to day life. This poem is a representation of my feelings about GOD. Who are the GODS in my life and what do they mean to me? This poem throws some light upon some of the questions put up above.

The most pertinent question arises
Shaking every portion of my belief,
Resembling the tremor evolved by an earth quake
And separating the tectonic plates.

The crevice is quite permanent
Formed out of confusions,
Prejudices and misinterpretations
On something non-existent.

My creators- Dummy GODS
Are my saviors
In the land full of danger
Insecurities emanating fear.

My mother-a pious figure,
Taking care of even the minute need
Each day and every hour
For novice survivors.

My father- a role model
For me, standing upright
By my side in the odd hours
Of darkest turmoil.

My teachers-concrete support,
Believing in me
And accepting me what I am
In my realm.

My sister- a sweet harbinger
Of noble thoughts,
Always reminding of my worth
During fate’s ugly wrath.

My relatives are always there
For me to shower
Their unadulterated emotions
Filled with unconditional love and care.

My friends – parts and parcels
Of tiny world where
I live and dream
To the fullest of it.

A collage painting drawn by me!!

P.S- I dedicate this poem whole heartedly to all those who have been a part of my existence and without whom I can never claim to stand for my values and rights. In a nutshell, the presented poem is an indication of my deepest gratitude for “DUMMY GODS” of my life.
By Swati Sarangi


  1. The poem which comes from the heart always touches the heart. You have shown your gratitude to whom are on your side. But the creation is above the boundaries of eyesight. Always keep faith on Him. You will get the energy of positiveness when there is a cloud of negativeness around us.

    Always see beyond boundary where exits the entire source of energy. Utilize your vision to realize it.

    God bless you.


    1. Thanks a lot, Bapa. Words of appreciation act as catalyst in the process of recreation for an artist. I'm just a beginner and there is a lot to do and even a lot more distance to cover with my tiny feet(inexperienced feet).

      I always long to get a feedback from you for my work because i know that your words are pure critics for me. You are the first critic from whom I would always like to get a feedback.

      These works are the result of your inspiration and your literary skills.

      A billion thanks for always inspiring and motivating me. :)

  2. This is a nice concept, emanating the power of the divine through you're love ones.

    You are right though abut the description of a higher power.

    I was asked define God... I said I cannot externalise such a essence, but let the power live internally.

    I said more but that was the overall perspective or that convo would have went on forever.

    Speak to you soon "Silent watcher Hornet" bzzzzzzzz

  3. Thanks a lot for appreciating my work..It will boost up my spirit to create more and more..