13 Jul 2013

#11 Metamorphosis


With the onset of monsoon
The very first drizzle, so light
Down pouring uncountable tiny water drops,
Radiating crystalline lusture, sight captured
By the vision lens observing
Meticulously the minuscule details
Which give rise to vivid imageries
Drops of water housed in reservoirs
Undergo a process of metamorphosis
Contributing to rain.

On the edge of ceiling
Of a room, between the crevices of the doors,
On the backsides of leaves lay stuck
Transluscent, silvery larva, more and more,
Incarnating spiky creatures, caterpillars
Which advance like springs on floors
Contracting and elongating
Which later undergo a process of metamorphosis
Contributing to the world, beauty
In form of winged creatures, Butterflies.

The lifeless trees standing
Upright, their leaves laying scattered
Nearby which create sound of ruffling
Caressed by breeze in a pleasant weather.
Those leaves have been battered
By the intensity of heat of summer.
The descend of rain drops on earth
Initiating a process of metamorphosis
Contributing to the world, vibrant hues
In form of leaves and flowers.

A soft skinned and delicate infant
Comforting slumber in its cradle.
Its babbling, mumbling and often giggling
Attract the world around it, feeble
Are those first steps he puts and later
Undergo a process of metamorphosis
Due to the labyrinth of time
Into an undefeated personage
Contributing to the generation
Knowledge, wisdom and experiences.

By Swati Sarangi


  1. An excellent abbreviation of the creation from tiny water droplets to human, society and civilization but do we see more within this metamorphosis- a change from within for transformation. Above all the same unseen particles govern the world- both in animate and inanimate- shall we call it God particle.