4 Jul 2013

#8 Chasing the ray..

     Chasing the ray

In the world of good and bad
Amidst the things that make one sad
I stretch out my vision
To scale the horizon.

Mind distracted and vision blurred
Nothing is visible and
Nothing can be heard
Eyes searching for a slight
Glimpse of ray
Or that can be a destined way.

Who knows what is in store
Satisfied or long for more.
Topsy turfy are the roads
Legs reluctant to step further
And the unfriendly weather.

Conscience is not the loser
Feeling the mind to be the winner,
Instructs the leg
To move little more, more and more.

The non-leveled road receives
Some not-so-confident steps first
But the constant motion
Fixes the pebbles, making the
Way out of the worst.

The footsteps are now more
Precise and strong
Measuring each portion of the trail
The road becomes smoother
Lending a perfect surface
To walk over.

As the end approaches
The ray comes into view
Pushing the self into a world
That is completely noble.

That world is magical,
Imaginary and unbelievable.
Quenching each kind of need
That a conscience requires.

The end is enjoyable
Unlike the adventurous journey
Whose adversities finally
Lead to the end-
A pleasant reality.

By- Swati Sarangi


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    1. Thanks for appreciating. A complement like this from a contemporary poet makes my day. :)

    2. Read your reply just now... I am your contemporary but not at all a poet...haha.. Anyway, thank you for appreciating my comment n u deserve more praise...