10 Apr 2013

#4 Recalling those moments

Recalling those Moments

When I reflect upon my past
Which were those moments,
That would make me rapt?
Will I get nostalgic or emotional

For those moment’s transient pass?
I always enjoyed amidst the turbulences
Because I looked out for that secret silence
That often peeped into the noise.
The companion was myself
And of course my friend’s silliness.

Hunger for knowledge has always

Been my mind’s treat,
This seemed most attractive
This has led me to walk on a path
Without predicting its end.

There were some moments
Those made me cry.
For now those have turned into sweet pies
Cause the effects were unforgettable.

Can’t wash away those moments,
Quite large in numbers
Whose slight recollection always
Bring happiness over my tears.

Present is a past of future.
The moments, yet to be enjoyed
Will soon fade into past
Due to the flow of time

I’m trying to lock or  trap
Some of the present moments
That will very soon get transformed
Into the past to be recalled.

What about those moments
To come across in future?
Hoping to embrace and invite those
With zeal but not with fear.

-swati sarangi


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