30 Mar 2013

#2 The world of poet.....

.......THE WORLD OF POET.......

The world of poet is
built up of words with imaginations,
which express his internal feelings,
which is like a music in air
creating an eternal effect
around the readers who can
catch each expression thrown out
by the poem as it advances.

The poem is a flow, an unique one,
depends upon the direction
in which it has been made to flow.
All its components are its own.
It flows forth and collects
the things coming on its way
and its flow also reveals
the purpose behind it.

And how do these flows flow?
These are the flows of ink
flowing over a piece of paper
which are born out of emotions and imagination
and get directions from it.
It carries issues or messages
wrapped in Literature, a medium.

Such is the world of poet
narrative and imaginative
full of pictures to be seen.
It may have resemblance with
the world of a painter.
It means how it is
interpreted by others.
The owners of such worlds
can create something out of nothing,
which is quite unusual.

 By Swati Sarangi


  1. Poetry is powerful, you'r brief is straight and I can see my elements in there, we are the new speakers and script writers for the public.

    see you in the ink. bzzzzz

    1. It feels so great to receive such a nice complement from you.. Yes, we are the new generation who tend to transform the world with the power of words..

      Thanks again, Le Hornet for your kind words..