30 Mar 2013

#1 Still water runs deep...

Still water runs deep

    The aforementioned proverb throws light on the property of calmness and tranquility. The given phrase carries the message that the work done with patience and courage yields good result at the end the way still water has the ability to measure the depth of the sea. Here, the depth has been compared with the depth of the tasks in real life whereas still water has been assumed to be the manifestation of knowledge.

    Before completely going through the meaning of the proverb, let us first focus on the meaning which the individual phrase constituting the proverb carries. Still water here, acts as the synonym to efficiency of handling a task through proper check on the ways of performing it. It can directly emphasize on a fact that a silent mind can think thousand times better than a confused mind with a lot of mental tussle or turmoil. It is very wise to accomplish a task properly than hovering here and there with self praise for the work because actions speak louder than words. In reality, it is the quality of actions which judge the caliber of a person rather than the praises that he makes for his own work. Qualities or talents of a person never remain hidden .It come out of shelf with a burst at the demand of the situations and circumstances. If a man wants to be respected among his fellow beings, he should stop himself from being “empty vessels” as “empty vessels sound much”.

    Water can have a lot of resemblance with the lives and thought of human beings .Like a stream of water, the life of a man flows unrestricted. Every time frequent changes occur in it which are transient and temporary. Only those thoughts can be successful enough to produce appropriate actions if these are produced in a single direction. In other words, consistency in thoughts and actions can open the gate for name and fame as “rolling stone gathers no moss”.

    Consistent efforts and great determination to correct the mistakes have the ability to transform impossible to possible. Hence, a very strong willed person can perceive his success in different tasks. In reality, a man’s efficiency is checked in tough situations of life. One of the greatest scientists of the era Edison once said that “People generally give up when they are very close to success”. He has give numerous contributions to the field of science through his numerous and continuous efforts .He has enriched the field of science and technology through many of his inventions. So, sincere efforts must be put without caring about the result.

    In the bottom line, calm mind is the source of unidirectional thoughts. The more one scales the height of success, the calmer, composed and humble he becomes. He easily wins or rules the world, who can control his mind. No doubt, today’s fast paced life style and hectic daily life routine has snatched the tranquility of mind but it can be stored or regained through the power of yoga and meditation. One can be at his best if his mind and heart both remain at peace as peace is the ingredient of life.

Swati Sarangi